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For a tomorrow full of life and harmony

Parques de la Patagonia was born as a conservation project for the flora and fauna of the place where the property is a biological corridor for the fauna of the area, so we decided to create a foundation that can prevail in time with clearly defined objectives and foundations in favour of the Real Right of Conservation.


  • To carry out any action aimed at the promotion, dissemination, study and creation of a culture of respect and understanding between people and countries for the care of the environment, the development of knowledge and a new view of man and the world in which he lives.
  • Collaborate and carry out joint actions with public or private, national and international institutions that share similar objectives and visions.
  • Acquire real estate and movable property, as well as manage and develop projects aimed at preserving, conserving and recovering natural resources, native forests and deteriorated areas, in addition to the sustainable habitability of these areas by communities of people.
  • To educate in all matters relating to the preservation of the planet and its biodiversity through the development of educational and training programmes in different modalities, such as seminars, courses, workshops and other related activities, aimed at achieving the objectives of the Foundation.
  • To collaborate in the construction of a balance between the conservation of biological biodiversity, socio-economic development and the conservation of the cultural values of the territory. Promote respect among people and love for nature, seeking new ways of inhabiting our world.
  • Promote the conservation and protection of native flora and fauna.
    To provide legal, technical and scientific advice for public and private conservation projects.

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